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📀 Re-releasing Cypher Univercity's 2013 CypherTape Vol. 1

In 2013 our movement was young but going strong.

We gathered a talented group of rappers, producers and engineers from across the Cypher University network to put together a collaborative album. The result: CypherTape Vol. 1.

This project features the work of many long-time cypher heads, including Shep, Jru, Eternal, and Ghost Dog. Rappers that make appearances also include Sonyae, Rome Jeterr, Billie Dutches, Failures Outcome, Johnny Storm, Say$o (RIP), Playboy V, Yance B, Lexi, and Young Flamez.

Listen and enjoy this tape here.

PS: CypherTape Vol. 2 coming this summer.



by Cypher Univercity

#NCStateCypher presents: CypherTape Vol. 1

Circa 2013.

Never miss that new new again.

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